The Story Behind ‘Country Gold’ By Anne Wilson and Jordan Davis

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Anne Wilson and Jordan Davis revealed the story behind their new single, “Country Gold.”

The rising country star is set to release her debut album, Rebel, on April 19. Proving her lyrical talents, she acts as a co-writer on all of the record’s 16 tracks. Her album will be rooted in both the country and Christian genres.

The Story Behind ‘Country Gold’

On March 22nd, Anne Wilson and Jordan Davis officially released their new duet, “Country Gold.” Fans will recall that the duo previously shared that stage at the 2023 ACM Honors where they performed, “Buy Dirt.”

The song explores the meaning of spiritually “striking gold,” through having a good and honest life. The pair blend their vocals while telling stories of their favorite simple moments that life has to offer.

“‘Country Gold’ is a song about the good stuff in life that a lot of people tend to overlook,” Wilson said. “Including myself sometimes. I wrote this song about my roots, about the ground beneath my feet where I grew up in Kentucky.”

She hopes that the song highlights the “beauty of a small town, traditional family, the value of hard work.” She continued, “What my family taught me are the things that make up for a rich life. I love this song so much. I’m so honored to have my friend Jordan Davis sing on it with me. I hope people hear this song and get a good reminder to remember where they come from and see the beauty of it all.”

When Wilson sought a duet partner for the song, it was a no-brainer asking Davis to join her.

“I’m a huge fan of Jordan’s music, and I’m honored to have him join me,” Wilson added. “This song is all about roots and remembering where the good stuff in life really is. I love the line that says, ‘the richest people that I’ve ever known struck country gold.'”

Who Wrote ‘Country Gold’?

Anne Wilson co-wrote “Country Gold” alongside Jeff Pardo and Matthew West.

What is the Meaning of ‘Country Gold’?

The song is about Anne Wilson’s small town roots. The core meaning of “Country Gold” is striking gold, spiritually, rather than monetary value.

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