LISTEN: Jordan Davis and Julia Michaels Team Up For ‘Cool Anymore’

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Country artist Jordan Davis teamed up with pop musician and esteemed songwriter Julia Michaels for “Cool Anymore.” This isn’t Julia’s first time diving into the country realm, she saw great popularity with Keith Urban on “Coming Home.”


But you don’t have to be cool anymore
Show me the side that nobody else knows
Drop that act with your keys at the door
Lose the mirrors, I see through the smoke
Save all that for the rest of the world
Come on let me love you girl
And don’t you know that I’m already yours
You don’t have to be cool anymore
Cool anymore

“For me, I think just kinda spending so much time out doing shows, and I know for me sometimes I feel like I have to be cool or I have to,” Jordan shared. “And this is that kind of song just being like hey, leave work at work and every time I sing this, I kinda think about that, like don’t take this too seriously. This is a job, enjoy it. It’s kinda cool to kind of come home and not have to be that. For me, my wife is somebody that helps me kinda, I don’t want to say come down to earth, but I’m gonna say come down to earth. It’s just a song about being yourself, and I don’t know, not taking this world too seriously.”

“This song resonates to me more so from a relationship standpoint,” Julia agreed. “Whereas we’re like, you’re right, sometimes we do have to put IT on even when we don’t feel like it, and sometimes we’re tired and we just want to go home and be with the person we love, and we’re lucky to have that — to be able to go home and just let loose with the person you love and make stupid jokes with and eat a lot of food with and just be yourself with.”

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