Maren Morris Revealed The Story Behind ‘Circles Around This Town’

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Maren Morris is back with another hit single, “Circles Around This Town.”

The inspiration behind the song is of a personal nature and her journey into the country music industry.

“‘Circles Around This Town’ is about my trek from Texas to Tennessee about nine years ago when I moved to Nashville,” she explained. The song is pretty relatable for anyone moving into a new town and making the trek to start fresh. Plus, if you’re wondering if the lyric about having a Montero Sport with no air conditioning, it’s true! Maren Morris actually got her start with the busted AC and a burned CD of bad demos.

“And I lived in a sight unseen, like Craigslist listing,” she added. “I just kind of slept it and wrote with everybody who would write with me. And I love the second verse of ‘Circles.’ Because it kind of name drops my songs, ‘My Church’ and ’80s Mercedes,’ which were my first two singles ever. So it’s sort of a look back on my history.”

Maren Morris hopes that up and coming artists could relate to this song. “But it’s hopefully inspiring to any upcoming or aspiring songwriter or someone in the creative arts that just or anyone that wants to chase their dream down like you’re never really done. The fun thing about this life is the targets [are] always moving. And I wanted to write a song to remind myself. Especially in such a crazy time when we couldn’t tour that this is how you got to where you are and you got to be really grateful for it.”

Watch the full interview, below.