Maren Morris On 2021 Grammys, Fangirling Over Music, And The Odd Way She Discovered That She Was Nominated

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Maren Morris spoke about all things music backstage at the 2021 Grammys.

Maren Morris Discovering Her Nomination

Maren Morris will be performing her hit “The Bones,” which is nominated for Best Country Song. “I’m just really happy to be back and I’m so happy that they’re doing it safely in person,” said Morris. “It just feels like a real show and so I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

She discovered that she was nominated while in Nashville in an unusual manner.  “I found out I was nominated I was listening because it was on Twitter. It was Bluetooth through my car speaker because I was driving,” Maren Morris recalled. “They were announcing the country song category and I heard my name and ‘The Bones.’ It’s just really special to me because country song is songwriters that are awarded and nominated and to be nominated at the Grammys for a song like ‘The Bones.’  I wrote it years ago and it’s taken on such a bigger meaning through the pandemic. I think that it just marks the end of a really beautiful journey I’ve taken with ‘The Bones’ and to share it this way on the Grammy stage.”

All About The Grammys

Maren Morris isn’t only for her performance on the big night. “The Grammys is my chance to just go and fangirl on other people’s performances that I don’t normally get to see. So it feels like it’s my night to just geek out over everyone else’s performances.

Morris revealed that her favorite part of the Grammys is the fact that it is peer-voted by industry folk and that it bridges genres.  “What makes the Grammys so special is it’s really this intersection of all genres and everyone’s welcome. I feel like I always learn so much as a performer after leaving the Grammy stage.”

Over the past year, Maren Morris has rediscovered her passion for music. “I can only speak for myself but music is absolutely more meaningful than it ever was,” she shared. “I think the pandemic has made me so much sharper with my focus and my love for what I do.”

Morris added that she is more grateful after live music was taken away from everybody. “I feel like we do need it now more than ever and when we can safely come back together and go to shows again,” she continued. “Myself as a performer and as a fan in the crowd. I can’t wait for both because I get to feed both sides of my soul in that way.”