Listen & Lyrics: ‘Good Friends’ By Maren Morris

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Maren Morris released “Good Friends” off of her third major label album, Humble Quest.

The 31-year-old country songwriter debuted the song and the full record on March 25. The tune was written by Morris alongside her The Highwomen collaborator Natalie Hemby and Greg Kurstin.

Morris first debuted “Good Friends” at CRS this year. According to WOKQ she closed out her set with the song, which is all about female friendship. It was inspired by her real friendship with her best friend. she wrote the song after their first fight when she realized that their friendship was “worth fighting for.”

“I liked having that almost Carole King–esque moment on this album,” she told Vulture. “Which is not just addressing love, but the love of female friendship, and that being such an integral tonic to my life right now.

The release of the album follows Maren Morris’ release of her two singles, “Circles Around This Town” and “Nervous.”

Maren Morris ‘Good Friends’ Lyrics

Sometimes I don’t understand you
Sometimes you don’t understand me
Bridges are burning all over
But not on our street
Sometimes you take me for granted
Sometimes I can be backhanded
But you got my back while I’m holding your hand
What else do we need?

‘Cause we’re good friends
We don’t ask why
We just show up at each other’s house unannounced
In the middle of the night
We got history
No conditions
You don’t ever have to worry
Yeah, I’ll keep you sturdy
‘Cause we’re good friends, yeah

Some folks are fair-weather
Some just drift in and out
At my worst or my better
You always stick around
And if we live to a hundred
Or through to the next drink
I swear to God on my heart
Nobody will know you like me

[Repeat Chorus]

Too much love /  Too much dirt / Too much time / Wouldn’t change / Couldn’t leave / If we tried

Oh, too much love / Too much dirt / Too much time / Wouldn’t change / Couldn’t leave / If we tried

‘Cause we’re good friends / Yeah, we’re good friends

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah, good friends / Oh, good friends

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