The Story Behind: ‘Better Together’ By Luke Combs

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Luke Combs has an interesting story behind “Better Together.” Find out how the song is connected to his other music and forms a full story.

The Story Behind The Luke Combs Hit

Two and a half years ago, Combs wrote the song with Dan Isbell and Randy Montana in the mountains of North Carolina. Combs’ inspiration for the song was his wife Nicole Hocking and their relationship.

“We started it there. I put a little clip of it on my Instagram maybe two years ago,” he explained. “People have always loved it. We ended up recording it and going with you know, kind of a very stripped down production of just me and a piano. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.”

The song itself not only has a very special meaning, but it is also apart of a larger story. “‘Beautiful Crazy’ was already done and out at that time. So I kinda felt like I needed to do another song that was kind of… I guess it’s kind of ended up turning into like a trilogy,” he shared.  Take a listen to “Beautiful Crazy,” then “Better Together,” and “Forever After All.” The three songs tell the story of Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking’s relationship.

“And that’s kind of our whole story up to this point in a way,” he shared. “You know, I just wanted her to know that I’m always thinking about her, and there’s always inspiration there. This song just happened to be what we came up with that day.”