The Story Behind: ‘Famous’ By SK8 & Tyla Yaweh

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Skate “SK8” Maloley is back with “Famous” featuring Tyla Yaweh. Read about the story behind the song, below.

The SK8 Creation

So, how exactly did the collaboration from SK8 and Tyla come about? “Well, I’ve known Tyla since he moved out here from Florida. I’ve been out here in L.A. for six years,” Maloley explained. “I think we’ve known each other for four years. Obviously, we’ve been making songs since. This was just one that we really felt was the best one. It was perfect timing too because I met him before he knew Post [Malone] or I knew Wiz [Khalifa]. We have definitely evolved our sound from then. It was just great timing really.”

The new release features elements of different genres like rock, alternative, and hip-hop. The new sound has been a long time coming for SK8. “I wanted to still keep a unique and genuine sound for myself,” SK8 shared. “I think mostly what created the new sound was live elements. I went away from just taking an MP3 and rapping over it to actually bringing a drummer in and bringing real guitar players in.”

On His Big Moment

“Releasing “Famous’ is such a big moment for me because I wanted to hone in on a sound that felt both current and nostalgic, while also making music that felt true to me,” he explained. “I think this song represents the overall essence of what’s on the way with my upcoming project and I’m excited to give fans a taste of the new music that my team and I have been grinding on in the studio for so long. Tyla and I have worked so hard on our craft, and we’re getting to the point in our careers where people treat us differently because of our fame, which was the inspiration behind ‘Famous.’”

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