The Story Behind: ‘Good Problems’ By Scott Helman

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“Good Problems” by Scott Helman is quickly becoming a fan favorite tune. Discover the inspiration and story behind the single and his new remixed version.

Scott Helman On ‘Good Problems’ Inspiration

“‘Good problems’ is a song that came out of a really special session with some close friends,” he began. “The song is about holding onto the good things and appreciating what you have. We all talked about some shared traumas, and then realized that in our current relationships we really cherish moving past that pain with our partners and enjoying life despite those difficulties.”

The remixed version was a new take that would go to radio. “Me and Tawgs – co-writer and producer – really wanted to create a version that would work at radio, and we felt like the song deserved it,” Scott Helman admitted. The original mix really feels so intimate and special, but with the remix we really wanted to bring out the grateful, transformative side to the song. We worked on it for quite a while! I think this song has 25-30 versions on my computer, more than any other song ever.”

The Remix and Visuals

So how did the idea of a remix from Miles Walker x Scott Helman come about? “My label introduced us,” he said. “I like his work, and I’m a big fan of hearing how other artists reimagine my work!”

While he normally has input when he comes to visuals, this time he took a different approach. “Honestly, with this video I took a step back,” he admitted. “The song is about me and Kat (my girlfriend), and the life that we’ve built together. I wanted to focus on that, so I let Ben take the reins on this one. I’m so glad I did, because I feel that the authenticity of our relationship really shines in this video.”

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