The Story Behind: ‘Equinox’ By Niki Tonik

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Soul-pop/R&B artist Niki Tonik released her new single “Equinox,” a duet with TMGMusic on Friday, March 19 in line with the spring equinox that arrives the following day.

“Equinox,” floats between the lines of progressive pop and dream rock much like Tonik’s recently-released album, Write On Time (October 2020), which featured Kamasi Washington.

“‘Equinox,’ which musically leans towards progressive pop and dream rock, follows the same Yin and Yang thread established on her previous album, Write On Time, which featured Kamasi Washington,” Niki Tonik shares. “Lyrically it centers around the changing of the seasons and the passing of time, highlighting nature’s beauty, celebrating the elements, creativity and love. The spring equinox is the first day of the year where the hours of day and night are equal in length so it really represents balance, renewal and coming into full bloom like the flowers that appear after the rain.'”


It has been said that life imitates art, but every so often an artist comes along who blurs the lines between the two so gracefully that they become one. Los Angeles-born and Mount Shasta-based soul-pop/R&B artist Niki Tonik doesn’t just make art, she lives it. “I’ve always had an appreciation for art and its many forms, and music especially is something that resonates very deeply with my soul,” says Niki. “Mount Shasta and L.A. are like Yin and Yang for me. They both fulfill and satisfy different areas of my life and needs for different reasons.” Write On Time, released in October 2020 and featuring jazz luminary Kamasi Washington, marked the 10-track debut album and invitation to Niki Tonik’s musical art.

The American-Israeli singer/songwriter’s silky vocals have drawn comparison to Sade from the likes of Babyface, who heard her tunes online and applauded the “richness and emotive tone color” and acknowledging her songwriting as being “excellent.”

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