Exclusive: New Zealand Duo FOLEY on Playing Shows in 2021

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New Zealand pop duo FOLEY (Ash Wallace and Gabe Everett) have been playing concerts this year to support their new EP, Vacation released, March 12th. We are extremely jealous, so we just had to chat with them. Join us as we daydream about a New Zealand vacation, we got the soundtrack already set!

SRS:What can you tell us about your EP Vacation?
FOLEY: It’s our second EP and it follows us becoming more confident in our songwriting and kind of captures that feeling that I think everyone is having right now – that they just need a holiday! The themes of this EP are tied closely to our conversations as friends and with our own friends and family, and it’s really us just trying to be the best we can be, and really aspire to live life the fullest

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
It can be really isolating and alone being in your 20s- we all feel like we are supposed to find ourselves and get on top of our lives, but it’s hard!!! It’s so hard!! Our music is just about making people realize they aren’t alone, and that it’s totally normal what they’re going through. We try to be honest and raw- but it’s also packaged in a way that’s fun and exciting to be a part of. That’s the vibe!

How did you two become friends?
We met in a high school band competition and just totally bonded over our love of music and good vibes. We were mates for about 4 years before we started writing together and once we started it was just such a no brainer that we went as hard as we could to get it going. Such a blast doing it with your best mate! Can’t imagine it any other way

Are they any ways you feel being from New Zealand has helped shape your sound?
Absolutely! There’s such a small tight-knit scene here and everyone is doing something completely different, so whenever we collaborate we’re always being pushed creatively. Being that relaxed little island at the bottom of the world also shines through into the music – we’re quite an outward facing country so while we pick up a lot of influence from US/UK music, we put our own chill, upbeat spin on it and come up with something pretty unique if we can say so ourselves!

Speaking of New Zealand, ya’ll are killing it with this pandemic. I am so jealous. You guys are truly playing concerts like nothing. Have you noticed a change in crowds?
Yeah totally – people just feel really lucky to be there so there’s a real rallying of the audience behind the local music scene. People just realized how much they missed music so the energy has been insane!!

Do you have a favorite track to play live?
Ash: There’s a track on the new EP called “Keep Me On My Toes” which is absolutely insane live!! It just goes so hard on the bass, and I feel like I just get this mad stomp going. SO fun!

Gabe: I might have to agree with that! Either that or “Anything Before You,” which is just such a slow groover it’s impossible not to have a good time playing.

What’s next for you?
We’re so keen to collaborate with more songwriters and artists, and like everyone DESPERATE to get overseas when we can! We’re really excited to get creative again and explore new things to write about and find new inspirations. It’s impossible to plan things at the moment but we’re keen to play more shows and see our fans again!

New Zealand is on my list of places to go on vacation. Where are some hotspots I should hit up?
OH definitely go to Waiheke island! It’s just off the coast from Auckland and it’s got so many beautiful wineries, hikes, beaches – just everything you could dream of. The South Island is probably the most beautiful place in the world, so if you can go on a big roadie around there then you will probably never return home!!