The Story Behind: ‘7th Heaven’ From Angelina Jordan

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Angelina Jordan exclusively took Stage Right Secrets through the creative process behind her latest release, “7th Heaven.”

Angelina Jordan on ‘7th Heaven Inspiration

“The initial idea for ‘7th Heaven’ was that I love the number 7, and ‘heaven’ is such a powerful word and makes you dream away,” she explained. “I collaborated with Stargate to create ‘7th Heaven.’ The background story of making this song was that I had this melody that I played for Tor and Mikkel and it turned out that they loved the idea and it went pretty smooth from there to the finish [the] song.”

Jordan and her team kept tweaking the song until it was perfect and ready for release. “We definitely tried many different elements to feel the right sound to it,” she said.

Jordan revealed that she is often inspired to create music from personal pain. “Strong emotions, mainly painful ones, often make me write music,” she shared.

Additionally, Angelina Jordan is already considering what her future visual or music video will look like. “The visual will look something like old school meets new school kinda vibe to it,” she assured. “I love the styles they had before and I want to bring it back again.”

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