Caroline Romano Stuns With Dynamic New Single, “Babysit”

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Teen pop sensation Caroline Romano just dropped her newest single, “Babysit” today. The 18-year-old pop artist has shared the stage with Shawn Mendes, and she penned her latest release as an ode to some of her experiences of teenage dating and growing up. “I wanted to encapsulate how those relationships can feel so fun and freeing in the good times, but agonizingly slow and tiring in the bad,” she told PopStar!, “This is true of babysitting and boys!” Check it out below!

From the baby’s giggle kicking off the song, to the catchy lyrics and synth beats, the captivating track will be in your head all day long. Caroline is a force to be reckoned with, and we love following along as she shoots to the top.

I don’t know what it takes
To tame the one
Who’s always misbehaving
Know you got some growing up to do
This kinda love has got its complications
That don’t mean these rules were made for breaking
I feel like I’m babysitting you

I don’t trust you when you say you’re with the guys
I’ve seen it once or twice
I know it when you lie
I’ve heard it all before, so don’t apologize
Picking up the pieces of my peace of mind

You can stream “Babysit” in the link here and follow Caroline on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.