Exclusive Premiere: Kane Incognito “Sing It Out Loud”

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Hailing from the stark, prairie metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Kane Incognito is the dynamic brainchild of Eric Kane Cherrington. After the loss of his brother and No Heat Tomorrow bandmate, Keeth Cherrington, Eric turned to music and formed Kane Incognito with his cousins, Austin and Braydon Shaw and childhood friend, Stephen Schoenthaler. The result is a deep blend of folk and rock music that is best described as the love child of Mumford & Sons and Kaleo. Their first single, ‘Young & Able’ was released in June of 2017 and hit number eight on the iTunes Rock Charts and was nominated for ‘Rock Recording of the Year’ at the Edmonton Music Awards. The band released their debut album Brother in October of 2017. They released their next single, ‘Diagnose Me’ in June of 2018 and it was met with stellar reviews from Pure Grain Audio, Canadian Beats Media and Turn Up The Volume! The band has played several music festivals including Seven Music Festival, Wild Mountain Music Festival, Pigeon Lake Music Festival, and has opened for a string of popular artists including Hey Ocean!, Elle King, Banners, Carmanah, Twin Bandit, The Blue Stones, Luca Fogale and Grandson.

“My whole life I looked up to my older brother. I told him everything I did and accomplished and he would either congratulate me or tell me to do better. After he passed away, I wrote him a letter on his first birthday he wasnt here to celebrate with us. Telling him all I’ve done and been through since he was gone. I then used that letter as lyrics and “Sing It Out Loud ” was born. Greg Wright from Glas Audio here in Edmonton area helped me and the band bring this song to life. Recording it was quite the experience with emotions running high and just trying to capture the right mood, with the final product but I think we did just that.I think the song will bring you where I wanted and that is the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on after the loss of my brother. And on the other side of things that I will keep singing and following our passion and love for music as long as I can.”