Our Exclusive Chat With Bombargo

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Get ready America, ’cause the killer Canadian indie band, Bombargo, is coming to the states!!

Congratulations on making your US debut!
Thank you so much! We’re super stoked to be touring the USA!

What are you most looking forward to?
There’s so much! Opening for The Main Squeeze is pretty amazing, such a funky band! I also love California so playing LA is gonna be wild but also very excited to be playing in Colorado, basically just everything! And, of course, finishing off the tour opening for my soul brotha Michael Franti will be pretty surreal!

What was your reaction to Taylor Swift adding your song “Mr. No Good” onto her “Songs Taylor Loves” playlist?
We were shocked and stoked! At first, we just laughed when someone texted about it thinking they were joking, then we got a few more texts and figured we better investigate what was going on. It’s so wild to be in company with Ed Sheeran, Camila, Rex Orange County, and Kendrick Lamar!

How would you best describe your sound?
We call it movin’ & groovin’. It’s a vibe of funk, soul, and rock & roll. We really try to leave our sound pretty wide and just make sure we really love the song.

Do you have a set songwriting structure?
It’s pretty organic. One of the guys will either bring in something they’ve been working on and we’ll start to solidify it if the band is into it or it’ll sort of fall out at a jam.

How do you manage to stay friends while in a band?
I think communication is key. We make sure everyone’s always able to say whatever’s on their mind and we also make sure to have a lot of fun on the road. Skateboarding and doing other activities helps keeps everyone feeling good. For me, I also love dialing in a daily yoga or meditation practice.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
We usually do our Bombargo power Hum with the band before we hit the stage with a little pep talk!

Who are your dream collaborators?

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Hall & Oates, John Mayer, Mark Ronson, Lizzo, Bruno Mars!

You guys have some killer fashion sense. What/who is your inspiration?
Thank you! I think we’re pretty influenced by the 70s. People just really looked a lot groovier back then and most of the thrift shops we shop at often have way nicer clothes than the new cookie-cutter stuff at the shops!