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ALBUM REVIEW | You+Me “Rose Ave.”

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Pop + Post-Hardcore = Country/Folk.

That’s probably an equation that you’d never have expected, huh?

And yet, this is what happened when pop singer Alecia Moore (otherwise known as P!nk) and Alexisonfire/City and Color’s Dallas Green found a common musical ground and decided to collaborate. Soon enough, the one or two songs they were supposed to write together turned into 8 tracks recorded in only 8 days and released as the duo You+Me.
Some of P!nk’s fans may be familiar with Dallas Green from the few days he opened for her during her Truth About Love tour, after the two met through Moore’s husband Carey Hart. But far are those days. The two are back to working together but this time, as equals, as Green explained. “It doesn’t sound like me featuring you or you featuring me, it sounds like us.”

Now if there was a word to describe You+Me’s very first LP Rose Ave., it would be beautiful. It’s the kind of album you can play from beginning to end without ever skipping a track, just laying on a bed and abandoning yourself to the music. In other words, the best kind of albums for Fall.

The soft melodies brought by pianos and acoustic guitars highlight the beauty and the rasp of Moore’s voice in a way that we’ve never heard before, as she and Green take on a more mature side of love. The duo’s cover of Sade’s No Ordinary Love, unrecognizable for stripped of everything but piano, is absolutely stunning and the overall fluidity of the album is endearing.
Now, for everyone still heartbroken over The Civil Wars split, this album is for you!

Rose Ave is out on iTunes TODAY!

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