SINGLE REVIEW: “Silent Partner” – Brian Straw

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“Silent Partner” by Brian Straw is out now! Straw’s newest release is a bonus song from his previously released LP, Baby Stars/Dead Languages.

The huskiness of Straw’s vocals complements the accompaniment in a way that is so harmonic, it’s almost transcendental. Straw is taking the world of Americana by the reigns and giving it something it didn’t know it needed – “Silent Partner” and Baby Stars/Dead Languages.

Straw conveys a story with his lyrics that tell of missed chances and feeling lost. He then couples the sadness with hope and healing. He says that “moving away from pain and learning to embrace the now is a theme”. Quoting his lyrics, “At 42 I’m remembering what to do / gauge my worth to Earle’s Transcendental Blues”, Straw states that they are “a nod to Steve Earle and my goals as a songwriter. This is a song of transition and the journey to becoming who I am.”

You can stream “Silent Partner”, HERE!

Brian Straw has a string of upcoming shows:
Fri March 25th – Queens, NY @ the Footlight
Sat March 26th – Washington DC @ Lost Origins Gallery
Wed April 27th – Seattle, WA @ Royal Room
Fri April 29th – Bellingham, WA @ Honeymoon
Ticket link coming soon

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