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Alexz Johnson Let ‘Em Eat Cake Album Review

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many of you may remember Alexz Johnson from her star roles in So Weird, Instant Star and even Final Destination 3. If you’re my age you might remember one of her hits off Instant Star called ’24 Hours”. (Gosh when was that? Early 2000’s? God I feel old.) Anyways, well now it seems that Alexz is back and with a vocal vengeance. Her new album titled Let ‘Em Eat Cake is a powerhouse showcase of an album with an incredibly titanic rock and roll vibe.

Alexz Johnson a Canadian native who now lives in New York brings us 9 new tracks for our listening pleasure. From beginning to end you can feel her soul drift throughout each song. After hearing her first song “Cologne” I was instantly interested to hear more. Especially since they last I heard from Alexz was something with much more “pop” influence than this. It is easy to tell that Alexz has totally grown up from her television days, offering us something way more than expected.

One of my favorite songs off of the album “Heart Like That” is a song about a break-up and not taking that person back after they’ve hurt you. I think this song really shows off Alexz’s vocal abilities from soft crooning to her breathtaking singing volume. The song takes you all over the map, in a good way. It begs for your attention, which you should give or you’ll miss out on something great.

Like most albums I enjoy the flow from one song to the next doesn’t jerk you around too much. All the tracks seem to fit together seamlessly and allow you to really enjoy the music straight up for what it is. I think that “That Pain” was a perfect way to round off the album. A soft rock ballad that sort of gently places you back into reality after spending the past 20 or so minutes in the musical world of Alexz Johnson.

Johnson’s fans will not be disappointed by  Let ‘Em Eat Cake, while I may not have heard from her in a while. I could really tell that she has grown up from her So Weird days to become much more complex in herself as a person and her music. While it’s not something you might hear on Top 40 radio tomorrow, it’s definitely music that you’ll want to hear live. Alexz is will be going on tour and playing at CMJ Music Marathon this year. Buy tickets and check out her tour dates here! Don’t wait too long cause once this album makes its rounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if shows started filling up quick.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]