Shira Releases “Out of the Blue”

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Fairy-folk singer-songwriter, Shira, dropped her new single, “Out of the Blue” and its music video on June 4th, 2021. It began when Shira was asked to sing at her friend’s wedding and was given full artistic control of her song choice. After three nights of wracking her brain over which song to choose, she made the decision to write them their very own love song based on their life together.

Shira’s soothing vocals paired with her refreshing lyrics make for a hopeful feeling when listening to this latest release. When playing this song to live audiences, she met many couples that told her how they felt the song was made for them. This inspired the idea for the “Out of the Blue” music video and interview series.

The music video is a series of couples lip-syncing the lyrics that they felt relate most to them and their relationships. The couples were handpicked by Shira – she picked out people she knows and loves to be a part of this project. To ease their nerves prior to filming, each couple was asked a series of questions about their relationships and their “Out of the Blue” love. This interview then turned into a series that was released online with the title “’Out of the Blue’ – The Stories.” One can only describe the song and its video as hopeful and endearing.

While the song was based on her two friends that were getting married, surprisingly, a year later, Shira met her husband and their love story fell in place with the lyrics she had written for her friends. She feels that “Out of the Blue” is the theme song for those looking for love and feeling discouraged – “it’s out there!” she says.

Christina Laderoute is a photographer, journalist, and podcaster from Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time she dabbles in digital art, plays with her hedgehog; Winston, and watches New Girl on a loop. She is the founder and co-host of Chinwags, a music podcast.