We Came as Romans hits Sacramento!

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On February 5th, We Came as Romans, Erra, and Brand of Sacrifice performed to a sold out crowd at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. Incredibly, every date of this tour was sold out and you could tell the fans were excited to see WCAR live and to hear them perform new songs. The band released their latest album, Darkbloom in October of 2022, 5 years after the passing of their clean vocalist Kyle Pavone. The show opened up with Brand of Sacrifice and the crowd was wild and full of energy from start to finish. Their set was hard hitting and energetic with fans crowd surfing and screaming along to every song. Brand of Sacrifice is definitely the heaviest band on the lineup and it was a great set to start off the night. Next up was Erra, and they brought the fun and energy to the show. They performed songs like, “House of Glass,” “Snowblood,” and “Psalm of Sedition.” The sold out crowd was having a great time and their singer J.T. was able to really keep the crowds attention throughout the show. They were a lot of fun to watch and over all had a very high energy set. The moment everyone was waiting for was finally upon us, and right before We Came as Romans came on stage you could not only feel the excitement from the crowd but everyone was so quiet in anticipation for them to walk on stage. Once the show started the room exploded with screams and happiness from the fans. The energy was electric and almost immediately into the set started, their singer Dave jumped into the crowd to stand with the fans and sing part of a song. It was a great moment of fan and artist interaction and you could see how happy everyone was in the crowd. For some fans this was the first time seeing the band after Kyle has passed away, others are hearing the latest album, Darkbloom live for the first time. The setlist overall was a lot of newer music but they did perform some older songs from the “Tracing Back Roots” album which is turning 10 this year. They had a 16 song set list including songs like, “Wasted Age,” “Hope,” “Doublespeak,” “Darkbloom,” and “Learning to Survive.” They performed “Darkbloom” twice, once on their own and again as the first encore song with Brand of Sacrifice. They performed the album “Darkbloom” in full which was great to hear live for the first time for a lot of the fans. They performed a great set and the fans knew all the new songs. You could tell the band was having a great time on stage and its great to see them live after releasing their first album in five years.