G-Eazy Returns to Berkeley: REVIEW AND PHOTO GALLERY

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On May 9th G-Eazy came back to the Bay Area to play an intimate show at the UC Theatre in Berkeley. This was G-Eazy’s first show back in the Bay Area in a few years and the show did not disappoint. Most people are used to seeing him perform at larger venues like Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and the Oakland Arena, but from time to time he’ll do a last minute show at smaller venues like UC Theatre and The New Parish. Last night his fans were packed into a 1,400 cap venue that sold out in 11 seconds and on May 10th he’ll be performing in La at a similar sized venue. There hasn’t been an announcement on a new tour yet but these shows definitely felt like a test run for whats to come later this year and into next year. The showed started out with G-Eazy on top of his set up, which was a almost cage like setup with DJ Quiz and his drummer Blake in these cut out cubes while G was standing on top performing his new song ‘Tulips & Roses.’ Next up was probably the oldest song G seems to perform live nowadays, which was ‘I Mean It’ this song has always been a fan favorite and the crowd went crazy when the track started. During his set, local artist ALLBLACK came on stage to perform his verse on the track ‘West Coast.’ He also played some new unreleased songs that will most likely be released with a new album later this year or early next. During his performance he stopped to talk to the fans and share his excitement for not only playing shows again but being home and doing a hometown show. He mentioned that he had family and friends in attendance and also mentioned Mother’s Day as its coming up and his Mother passed away last year so he dedicated his next song to her. Some other songs that were performed include, ‘1942,’ ‘Moana,’ ‘Him & I,’ ‘Me, Myself, and I,’ ‘Tycoon,’ ‘Calm Down,’ ‘No Limit,’ ‘Angel,’ and ‘Still Be Friends.’ During ‘No Limit’ he handed off his microphone to a fan in the crowd to rap Cardi B’s verse. The show ended a few minutes after curfew, and as people were making their way outside staff was handing out posters with a design of G-Eazy and the show title “Nothing ever lasts forever.” They were also handing out tulips and roses to fans as they walked out of the venue. Overall this was a great show and you could see how happy not only the fans were but G-Eazy and his team. From how this show went there’s sure to be a tour and new music in the near future.