Aurora and Sub Urban in San Francisco

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On May 17th, artists Sub Urban and Aurora performed at the Warfield in San Francisco as part of Aurora’s national eponymous tour.

Opening the show was Sub Urban, who gained popularity on TikTok for his song “Cradles.” Although Sub Urban is considered a newer artist, he definitely had quit a few fans in attendance. He had a great energy throughout his set and was really fun to watch. Some of the songs he performed were “Freak,” “Candyman,” “Inferno,” and his most well known song, “Cradles.” At one point during his set, he did get a little caught up and forgot some lines to a song but he was able to handle that situation well and continue on as if nothing had happened.

Next up was the headliner, Aurora who is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She started out the show next to a glowing orb that was set up behind her and was able to set the mood with her stage setup. Eventually she did move away from her setup and stepped out to the front of the stage to talk to the fans and perform the rest of her set. Aurora is known for her song “Into The Unknown” from the movie Frozen II. Aurora also has a song that has gained some popularity on TikTok called, “Runaway”.

Overall this was a great show with two different types of music, Sub Urban is more high energy and upbeat while Aurora is more calm and eclectic.