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Trevor Hall releases KALA

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If you haven’t had the chance to check out singer/songerwriter Trevor Hall, now is the perfect time to obsess over his smooth soulful voice because of the release of his newest album KALA.

Trevor first started his music career when he was eleven years old! He picked up the harmonica with his father and started making music until he turned sixteen and decided to record his first album and study classical guitar in Los Angeles. While learning music he was influenced by yoga and Indian spiritual practices which you can definitely hear in his music.
KALA is the Sanskrit word for “time” which is a theme of Trevor’s new album. He talks about how our lives are run by time, getting from one point to the next and we get so distracted by our rushing lives that we forget to look and appreciate the world around us. Of course time can have many meanings, a positive meaning that Trevor brings up is that time also can mean growing and healing.
Each song on this album has carefully crafted lyrics that Trevor wrote himself all with the theme of time. It’s a very relaxing type of music that he brings to the table, acoustic guitars along with the deep rough voice of Mr Hall. This album is perfect to add to a study playlist or to put on while you curl up with a blanket with the cold months of winter that are heading our way. Trevor also just released a music video for the song Back To You, which can be seen below.  Make sure to pick up your copy of KALA now and check out the tour dates on Trevor’s website to see when he’s coming to your hometown!