Donna Missal Invites Fans On A Sonic Voyage With ‘Move Me’

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LA-based artist Donna Missal has unveiled Move Me”, the third single off her anticipated upcoming album, Revel, releasing June 16th via ADA Worldwide.

With “Move Me,” Missal’s crafted a song that’s both deeply personal and universally relatable. The single, which features the singer’s ethereal voice gently cascading over otherworldly production, is a tribute to the transformative power of music and the way it can move us both physically and emotionally.

Missal has always been vocal about the importance of music in her life. For her, music is not just a profession but a passion that has helped her navigate life’s ups and downs. She reflects, “’Move Me’ is about my love of music and how much it means to me, and I wanted it to feel like you could sing it to anyone or anything that gives you that feeling of being so full of love.”

Fans are invited to join Donna Missal on a sonic voyage in her latest music video, “Move Me.” Donna takes viewers on an introspective journey aboard the New York City subway. Rhythmic beats resonate through the carriages as her captivating voice fills the air, commanding our attention. Through the window, we catch glimpses of the cityscape, mirroring the heartfelt emotions within her lyrics. With each passing station, Donna’s passionate performance invites us to reflect on our own desires and longings.

Building towards the release of Revel, Missal first set the tone for what’s to come with singles Out of Me,” a dance floor ready tune about acceptance, and her empowering pop reawakening, Flicker. The tracks serve as the perfect reintroduction to the newly independent artist, who believes this body of work is most authentic she’s ever created.

Having previously shared she felt this album was about pushing through pain and transcending our hardest times, the artist further explains, “Revel is an album that I was writing during a really dark period of my life, as a way to pull myself through it, and from Flicker to Out of Me to Move Me, I wanted it to sound and feel like light coming back into my life through the music.”

Donna will join her fans at bicoastal events to celebrate her independence and new album Revel. She’ll bring her captivating live performance to NYC’s Bowery Ballroom on July 13th and LA’s The Roxy on July 20th.

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