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Ryan Adams 1989 Review!

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When I first heard the chatter that Ryan Adams would be covering Taylor’s album in it’s entirety I thought it was a sarcastic joke. I was EXSTATIC when I learned that it will actually happen. I’m very picky when it comes to artists covering other songs, 80% of the time I feel like they butchered the song in some way. But I can honestly say that I can appreciate every single one of Ryan’s covers.
The first track starts off with seagulls, I immediately checked my iPhone to make sure I had the right album, but nevertheless it was “Welcome To New York”. It’s just a rock jam I danced around in my pjs to. Ryan completely changed Blank Space into a masterpiece of an acoustic track. I could fall asleep to this nightly. Style turned into a retro jukebox artistic masterpiece.
Out Of The Woods is a dreamy folk-esque sequence. All You Had To Do Was Stay brings out the guitar and Ryan completely reimagined the tempo and almost everything else about the song but the lyrics.
Shake It Off I was most eager to hear along with Wildest Dreams. Besides the guitar and block used for the beat, it’s just Ryan’s raw vocals showcased which really fits him for this interpretation. None of the songs turned out the way I thought he was going to re-create them. Ryan did a fantastic job of creating such vulnerable and inspiring covers.

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