‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Recalls The Time When One Actor Got Ahold of Robert Pattinson’s Wallet

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Could you imagine The Vampire Diaries and Twilight universes colliding? It actually happened in real life!

During I Was Feeling Epic convention in Covington, Georgia, the majority of the original cast of The Vampire Diaries reunited. The cast from the first season sat down for a panel where they reminisced about on-set antics. The pilot of the show filmed in Vancouver while the rest of the show filmed in “Mystic Falls.” The universes collided during the Canadian trip.

“Kayla of course we’ve talked a lot about how she is the social butterfly of the pilot,” executive producer Julie Plec said. “She always kind of had everybody hanging out and together. She and Candace like really rallied the the team. But Kayla’s the one who brought all the Twilight people to come hang out in our rooms. This was because they were shooting in the hotel at the same time. So we got to like sit in a hotel room in Vancouver chilling with like half the cast of Twilight.”

Paul Wesley chimed in and asked, “Was Nikki there?” Ian Somerhalder confirmed that his future wife Nikki Reed, who played Alice in the Twilight Saga, was in fact present for the party.

“So Twilight was shooting and Percy Jackson was shooting and Vampire Diaries shooting,” Somerhalder listed. “We were all staying in the same hotel.”

“Didn’t Steven McQueen [who played Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries] find Robert Pattinson’s ID?” Wesley asked the cast.

“Yes, at a bar he found his wallet,” Candice King confirmed. Somerhalder quipped, “Or stole it!”

“He like returned it to the concierge or something,” Wesley confirmed.

Another fond memory Sara Canning had of McQueen was when they took a cast trip to Whistler together. McQueen just showed up for an overnight trip with a phone charger and tooth brush.

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