Lauren Jauregui Shares Emotional Voicemail Ahead Of New Single Release

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Lauren Jauregui is all about slow tempo and raw emotion in her new single “Always Love”, and it’s frankly refreshing.

In an industry that’s been swallowed by more upbeat and ready-for-TikTok tracks, finding an artist who feels vulnerable enough to choose an acoustic guitar-and-voice track as an opener into a new era is quite incredible.

And yet, ever since the beginning of her career 10 years ago, and ever more so since she has gone solo, the 26-year-old singer has always worn her heart on her sleeve. While evolving and growing into herself, she evolved and grew into her sound, and it has shown throughout her various live performances these past few years.

While on tour with Banks this summer on the North American leg of the Serpentina Tour, Jauregui performed her 2021 independent debut EP Prelude, as well a few singles she had released since 2018. One song that definitely captured people’s attention, was the unreleased “Always Love.”

Lauren jauregui always love
“Always Love” Cover Art

Now, as the year comes to an end, the Cuban-American artist has decided she is ready to let the whole world hear it.

Ahead of the single’s official release this Friday, October 28, Jauregui has shared an emotional voicemail on her social media, one that encapsulates the meaning of the song.


Nobody talks about walking away when there’s still love. #AlwaysLove 10.28

♬ original sound – Lauren Jauregui

“‘Hey… uh… I know it’s been a minute,” the voicemail starts, with a very emotional Jauregui pausing a couple of times, as if struggling to put the proper words on her feelings. “You’ve just been on my heart lately, and I wanted to reach out and just… I know.. I know we didn’t.. I know we didn’t go the way that we had planned. There were a lot of ways that I needed to grow… without you. But I want you to know that it’s always love on my end and thank you for all of the ways that you helped me grow as a woman and for always believing in me and my potential, and power, for loving me the way that you did. You’re in my prayers and on my heart and I’m sending you and your fam all of the blessings possible. I hope you’re good. I’ll see you around. Take care.”

The ballad is Jauregui’s rawest and most emotional release to date, with the lyrics paying homage to the words left unsaid after her breakup with singer Ty Dolla $ign in 2019.

The single marks the first 3 minutes and 23 seconds into what’s to be Jauregui’s new era and we cannot wait to see what’s to come for the singer.

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