The Orphan The Poet Talks New EP, Touring, and More!

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We had the opportunity to chat with alternative rock band, The Orphan The Poet. The band discussed their upcoming EP, shows, and what’s next for the band. Check it out!

AT: “Your new single, ‘Terrible Things,’ just came out this week. What was the recording process like behind the track?”

DE: “Well from the ground up, recording was different for this EP. I think this was the first time we had actually been doing the amount of demoing we should have been doing all along. So that was a refreshing change– to not be worrying about finishing lyrics, melodies, and arrangements at the last minute. We had the insane luck of getting to work with Machine (Cobra Starship, Every Time I Die) from pretty early on in the writing process, so that was new as well. Having someone else involved at that stage was both exciting but also humbling. Sending rough demos among your band mates is one thing, but showing those rough ideas to someone else (especially someone of Machine’s credit) is comparable to standing in front of them naked. It’s terrifying!”

AT: “David, you said when you sent ‘Terrible Things’ to the rest of the band, you figured you would have to toss it into the ‘maybe someday’ pile. Why did you think the guys wouldn’t approve of the track?”

DE: “Anyone who has followed our band will easily pick up that this EP is a marked change in direction. I think that change is evident in all the songs, but I think it might be the most immediate and blatant with the title track, ‘Terrible Things.’ And I just wasn’t sure if everyone in the band was ready for that change yet. Being in a band is hard. You’re constantly trying to find a unified path among a group of creative and headstrong people, and that doesn’t always come easily.”

AT: “What can fans expect from the rest of the EP?”

DE: “I hope people hear it as something fresh from our band, but I’d also hope that they can trace how we got here. I think there are definitely new elements we’re incorporating throughout the EP, but I still think there are blatant hallmarks of The Orphan The Poet’s sound. Honestly, I’m just excited to see how our fans connect with it.”

AT: “What musical influences inspired ‘Terrible Things’?”

DE: “I think this is an interesting question, because until recently, I didn’t know the answer, or at least I didn’t realize I did. I was back in my hometown visiting an old friend, one I had grown up with. When I showed him the song, he said something along the lines of ‘when I listen to [Terrible Things], I can hear ALL your influences, not just your current ones.’ That really struck me as something special. I’m hoping that I’m finally comfortable letting more of my influences take hold in a song, not just the ones I’m curating at the moment. That said, I definitely think there are glimpses of Weezer and The Pixies in this one.”

AT: “Do you have any special things planned for the EP Release Show on June 17th that you can tell us about?”

DE: “Honestly, the main thing I want to tell you is that planning this release show has been a bitch. We’re super hands on with everything in our band, so where as a lot of groups just turn the reins over to someone else to manage, we typically find ourselves right in the thick of any and all headaches. That said, however, I think the release show is going to be amazing! It’s going to be well worth all the work.”

AT: “You will be supporting Conditions on their reunion shows next month. How excited are you to get back on the road?!”

DE: “Oh my god, you have no idea! Conditions have been one of my favorite bands for a long time. We got the chance to tour with them just before they broke up, and that alone seemed like such a dream come true. When they asked us to be part of their reunion shows, it really meant a lot. I will say those guys drink more Jameson than any band I’ve ever met, so I’m going to have to start a whiskey regimen now if I plan on keeping up in June.”

AT: “If you could pick any three bands to tour with, who would it be?”

DE: “Oh damn, let me think. Ok, I’m going to answer this question operating under the premise that time travel exists. I’d have to say:

Green Day (circa 1995)
Jimmy Eat World (circa 2002)
The Maine (circa now)

I’ll leave the reader to draw any and all conclusions as to why those artists at those times.”

AT: “What’s next for the band?”

DE: “I think everyone in the band feels really reinvigorated with everything we have going on right now. We’ll be putting out a super fun music video for ‘Terrible Things’ shortly, we’ll be touring with some really great bands through the summer and fall, and we’re already thinking about recording again. So my advice to everyone reading this would be to just keep your ear to the ground–we’re finally becoming the version of The Orphan The Poet we always meant to be.”

Be sure to check out The Orphan The Poet’s latest single, “Terrible Things,” off of their upcoming EP release on June 3rd! You can catch them on tour all summer. For more information, visit the band’s website here.

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