Chatting with Max Frost Before His Debut U.S. Tour!

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We recently got a chance to talk with up and coming artist Max Frost to give us an inside look at his recent EP and upcoming US tour! Read the interview below to get full details on his future plans and how his EP came about!

You just finished up some packed out shows in Australia, how were they?

Max Frost: Such a surreal experience to travel across the earth and have fans! It’s a beautiful place with high energy people.

Your first ever U.S. headlining tour is kicking off soon! How do you feel about it?

Max Frost:  It’s a big step for me! I’m nervous in a way but I’ve done a decent amount of touring at this point so I’m sure I’ll find a groove quickly.

What can fans expect from the show and are you able to give a clue about what songs will be on the setlist?

Max Frost:  I’m gonna be up there playing a lot of different instruments and flying around! I’m gonna play some new songs that aren’t out yet, stuff off the EP, and I’m looking for cover suggestions so tweet them at me! (@maxfrost)

Your Intoxication EP was released last year, how has the response been to that?

Max Frost:  It’s been great! I feel like this EP has really established a sound for me in a way I’m looking forward to building on.

What was different about the writing process for Intoxication versus what you’ve been doing before?

Max Frost: It’s been similar but much more intentional. I’m working with more outside producers than before which has helped me know my identity as a producer as well.

You released a live 360 degree video for “Withdrawal”, how did that concept come about?

Max Frost: I have a friend who develops games for VR who suggested I make a loop video since I can play all the instruments so the concept wrote itself from there.

What can we expect for the rest of 2016? Any plans after this spring tour?

Max Frost: I plan on touring a lot more this year and releasing a lot more new music!