Interview with Kyle Watson

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Kyle Watson recently performed at the Snowglobe music festival and we caught up with him for a few minutes.

1) What’s your favorite city/country to perform in?
Honestly I couldn’t pick a favourite because there are so many cool spots, but I will say that Denver is right up there!

2) What’s your favorite song to play when you perform?
I think probably my track Solace. A lot of people sing the words, and some even get really emotional. It’s great to see that effect my music can have on someone.

3) Who are your biggest influences?
Flume, Noisia, Justin Martin, Chris Lake

4) Who are some of your favorite artists from South Africa?
Das Kapital, Hendrik Joerges and Da Capo are all doing amazing stuff.

5) Are you excited to be performing at Coachella? Is there anyone you’d be excited to meet or watch perform while you’re there?
Excited is an understatement, I am one of the few SA acts to have been given the chance so it really is humbling. I’m going to be running around between stages the whole weekend, but definitely excited for Rage, Flume, Disclosure, Fatboy Slim and Duke Dumont.

6) If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?
I think it would be pretty cool to work with Disclosure. Their musical knowledge and production quality is next level, I could definitely learn a thing or two off them.

7) What’s one song that you wish you wrote?
Innerbloom by Rufus du Sol

8) Do you have any music in the works right now?
Absolutely, I’ve been trying to find as much time to write as possible over the last 2 months and will keep building up the catalogue ahead of Coachella.

9) What’s your favorite track off “Into The Morning”
Lights On, just because it is able to evoke so much emotion just by using synths and no vocals.

10) What’s your favorite tour memory?
Taking a helicopter flight with my wife from Fiji airport to a tropical island for a few shows at Your Paradise. That was next level.



If you’re interested in checking out Kyle Watson, He released a new song today Kyle Watson- I Got You

Additionally you can check him out on social media