‘Pour Me a Drink’ Lyrics By Post Malone and Blake Shelton

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Post Malone and Blake Shelton teamed up for their new collaboration, “Pour Me a Drink.”

The multi-genre artist and country crooner took the stage on Thursday, June 6, at Nissan Stadium as part of CMA Fest. The duo gave the surprise performance of their new song together. The new single will be featured on Malone’s forthcoming country record.

Shelton and Malone later surprised audiences at Shelton’s bar on Broadway, Ole Red. They performed an acoustic rendition of the song for a surprised, rowdy crowd. The pair also performed Shelton’s hit, “Ol’ Red,” with Malone on guitar.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – JUNE 06: (L-R) Blake Shelton and Post Malone perform onstage at Spotify House during CMA Fest 2024 – Day 1 at Ole Red on June 06, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for Spotify)

‘Pour Me a Drink’ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Post Malone]
Forty hours got me going out my mind
Dallas dropped another game in overtime
Call and take the speedway down the sixty five
To nowhere I’m going

[Verse 2: Blake Shelton]
Guess I really went and messed it up again
Now, my baby’s goner than the Tulsa wind
Judging by the stone sober state I’m in
I need to crack one wide open

[Pre-Chorus: Post Malone & Blake Shelton]
Somebody pour me a drink, somebody bum me a smoke
I’m ’bout to get on a buzz, I’m ’bout to get on a roll
Yeah, I been breaking my back, just keeping up with the Joneses
Y’all know what I mean? Yeah, y’all know how it goes

[Chorus: Post Malone & Blake Shelton]
When it’s up on a Friday and I’m paid, slide one over my way
I can’t even think when I can hear one calling my name
Hey! Somebody pour me a drink


[Verse 3: Post Malone & Blake Shelton]
Bourbon brown eyes tryna get me drunk
Ain’t stopping till the bottle and the job is done
And I think I might’ve found my future love
Buddy, you should probably buy her one

[Repeat Pre-Chorus: Blake Shelton]

[Repeat Chorus: Blake Shelton]

[Bridge: Post Malone]

[Repeat Pre-Chorus: Post Malone & Blake Shelton]

[Repeat Chorus: Post Malone & Blake Shelton]

[Post-Chorus: Post Malone & Blake Shelton]
Somebody pour me a drink
Somebody pour me a drink