My Mom’s Reactions & What We Learned From The 1989 World Tour Documentary

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Tell me what artist announces a gift for their fans on their birthday; the only answer is Taylor Swift. The fact that this concert movie is free for anyone who couldn’t afford tickets or the show didn’t come to their part of the world made me surprised, yet I felt like it was coming. I can personally attest that Taylor goes above and beyond for her fans. She could have made millions on this movie as a DVD but instead she partnered with the company that changed it’s policy about streaming and artists’ income to make it more fair because of her.


Luckily, I am home for Christmas break and decided to watch the concert with my mom, who hadn’t seen it yet, and get her opinion about the girl we watched grow up since her curly hair days.  My mom had quite a bit to say about the movie here are some quotes from my mother, Michelle:


  • “Says Camila is so teeny tiny, SHE IS SO TINY TOO!”
  • “How does she get her makeup to stay on that long without any smears?”

[I wonder this to, so Taylor on the off chance you’re reading this please teach us your ways so us ladies can look just as fierce!]

  • “Are her dancers models?”
  • “I wonder what the people who bullied her/mean critics think seeing this?”
  • “The band we saw 8 years ago is still with her, you never see that!”
  • “The rigging was so intense, you have to give it up for all of her crew.”
  • “Man she can shake it!”
  • “Wait Nick Jonas? She has no bad blood with anyone, even exes brothers!”
  • “I remember you texting me The Band Perry was there I couldn’t believe it!”
  • “Who are these tall girls?” (Victoria’s Secret models)
  • “Even I can learn something from her incredible speeches.”


We give her movie 5 stars out of 5! Now here’s what we learned about the production from the documentary:

1. She fangirls just as hard as us, especially with Mick Jagger

2. Give it up to the band for learning All of Me in 30 minutes!

3. It’s always her idea for choreography!

4. When soundchecking with the guest they picked what colors the fans were and if they wanted a bench, pyro, confetti, etc.

5. Karlie did a vlog the entire day of Taylor’s show and it’s amazing

6. She ended the movie with the quote “She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything”

7. She uses lipstick and nail polish to mark guests entrances and dance patterns.

To sum up my emotions in one gif:


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