Taylor Swift Meets Delaney Clements!

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Taylor Swift took some time earlier today and met with cancer patient Delaney Clements from Grand Junction, CO. Clements is a thirteen year old patient who has been battling cancer for over 5 years now. Last year, she posted a video of herself singing and dancing along to Swift’s song ‘Style.’ She hoped the video would reach Taylor and that she would have the chance to meet her idol.

Last month, Clements got news that her cancer had worsened, and so the hashtag #DelaneyMeetTaylor began. She was expected to go into hospice care when the cancer had began to spread to her brain. The family says that their goal was to make Delaney feel as happy and comfortable as they could and one way they were hoping to do so was get a visit from Taylor Swift. The hashtag was started in hopes that it would catch Taylor’s attention and it did. Taylor visited Delaney on Saturday afternoon. The pair took a bunch of cute photos together and Delaney was ecstatic to meet her idol!