Miranda Lambert Reveals The Story and Inspiration Behind ‘Strange’

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Miranda Lambert‘s new single “Strange” has already become a fan favorite.

The tune which is featured on her 2022 record Palamino, was written by Lambert alongside Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. The chart-topper invited the famed songwriters to her Tennessee farm to work on music. She counts this song as “Natalie’s baby.”

“We were sitting on the porch and she was like, I’ve got this song we have to write it,” Miranda Lambert recalled. Typically when she works with Hemby, she either goes down whatever rabbit hole the artist wants or she will brings a preconceived idea to the table.


“And I think ‘Strange’ is permission to just let go for a sec,” she explained of the song’s inspiration. “It kind of got out there like in the verses. I felt like it was a little like out there and crazy and saying take what you will from it.


Miranda Lambert on The Meaning of ‘Strange’

“[‘Strange’]” means something different for each person,” she noted. “But I was really wanting the chorus to lift, like literally and just the emotion of it. I wanted it to kind of lift and go into a happy place.” She referred to the weird time that the world was recently in with the pandemic. It was the perfect time to release it, and something that everyone can relate to.

“There’s always something weird going on, ya know? But seems like the world’s always got a weird spot that we get to,” she continued. “And the fact that you just like alright, let’s just have a smoke and have a drink and write a song and feel better about ourselves.”


One of the most challenging parts of the process was creating a bridge. They all individually wrote a bridge and ended up using pieces of each of them to create the final bridge.

“It was pretty cool was a fun exercise I guess,” she added. “Everybody’s was different but when we took lines out of mine, Luke and Natalie’s it all fit together.”

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