Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Interview On ‘Chasing After You’ Duet

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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd released “Chasing After You” just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The couple sat down for an interview to talk about their first-ever duet and the story behind the song.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Interview

“It’s amazing to finally be able to do a song with Maren,” Hurd said. “We’ve worked together, and we’ve written together, and we met each other writing songs, and we’ve sung on each other’s records, but this is the first time we’ve ever gotten to do a song this forward-facing, which is fun. It’s actually a song we didn’t write, which should tell you how much we actually love it.”

“We’ve loved this for like five or six years,” Morris shared. “It’s sort of the demo that wouldn’t quit for us. Our friends wrote it, but we really I guess heard ourselves in the lyrics and it just still rang true today. I feel like whether you’ve been with someone for two seconds or twenty years, you’re always longing for them. I feel like touring and being away from each other gives an element of that, like you’re still chasing me down, I’m chasing you down. So this song will always kind of be fitting.”