The Story Behind ‘Miss Me’ by Chesko, DaWave & Gabriel Benjamin

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They’ve done it again! Madrid-based producers Chesko and DaWave have teamed up once more with American singer Gabriel Benjamin for a hot new track, “Miss Me.”

“Miss Me” marks the three artists’ first collaboration of 2021, and also the first project they’ve released all together since the release of Chesko’s debut album Inside Gen.

This main idea for the song originated from DaWave, who gathers almost 100k peak monthly listeners on Spotify to the day. The artist, who had already worked with label Future Bass Records in the past, sent a first version of the song to friend and fellow producer Chesko to look at and to add his own twist to it. Chesko thus added “a lot of the small details in the background such as sound effects.” The pair then sent the track over to their friend in America, Gabriel Benjamin, who immediately loved the track when he first heard it. “It’s dark, brooding, and cinematic…” Benjamin shared with us. “All my favorite things.” Before they knew it, the songwritter had penned the lyrics and sent over the vocals to finish the song. 

Musically, “Miss Me” offers a wide range of sounds and instruments going from impactful synths, classic instruments like guitars, strings or brass and vocals used in very different ways. This variety gives the listener a lot of different emotions and feelings, it flows from softer parts into high energy drops. All the different elements are included in the song, especially in the transition into the chorus where all the energy drops. The song speaks lyrically about the feeling of empowerment that comes with the moment you understand your self value. It represents journeys that all the artists involved have walked in the past, for example after a break up.

Listen to the track below, and check out our quick Q&A with the guys about “Miss Me” and their plans for 2021!

  • Congrats on Miss Me! The song is a jam! Tell us about the creative process. 

Chesko: The idea came from DaWave actually! We were talking about how everything was going at the start of the pandemic and we started talking about new music ideas. Everything moved really fast.

DaWave: This song is one of my best guitar songs I’ve made, mixing this kind of pop/electronic vibes with a powerful horn and electric guitar drop makes the track unique and kind to listen and dance to. Also the vocals Gabriel made are incredibly cool and fit perfectly the instrumental.

Gabriel: Thanks! Chesko and DaWave sent me this AMAZING track and I got inspired pretty quick… turns out I was in a vengeful mood that day haha. Definitely channeled some pent up rage and aggression into this lyric and it still gets me pumped listening back… to other listeners i hope it fires you up too (flame emoji)


  • A lot of people use Zoom to collaborate during the pandemic. How did you guys do it? 

Chesko: I think EDM artists are very used to working on collaborations with people all around the world because we do it all the time. We are used to sending versions of a project and leaving the other parts of the team to do their own creative job. It’s a fun process. It was also a bit sad, that because of the pandemic I couldn’t hang with DaWave at least to finish it together even though we live in the same city. 

Gabriel: For this one, we just used Instagram and emails to get it done. We had to work like that anyway since I’m in the US and the guys are in Europe!

DaWave: As Chesko and I are friends who both live in Madrid, we worked on this one talking via Whatsapp. Then we reached out to Gabriel through Instagram.


  • 2020 was crazy, and didn’t leave much room growth. We’ve seen a couple of tweets where you guys felt discouraged by the lack of acknowledgment you were getting from labels, but also just people on social media. How do you get up from such lows to keep going and keep creating?  

Chesko: It’s been a difficult time for me where coming up with new ideas has become a really difficult task. As soon as we stopped our normal life, I started realizing that it’s very necessary to feel stuff and live new experiences to get inspired enough to make music. Also, I had just released an album in which I had put everything into. Coming up with even more new ideas can be a bit draining for your creativity so that didn’t help either. 

Gabriel: Hey, we all have highs and lows, every one of us. I think you just have to create when you’re feeling inspired. Don’t waste a second when lightning strikes because it could all fade to black the next day. 

DaWave: Music is a hobby for us, but we’d also want to make a living out of it. That always comes with ups and downs. It is sometimes frustrating to get tracks denied by labels and so on, but you gotta keep going!


  • What can we expect from you all this year? 

Chesko: I’m gonna be releasing several collaborations on some different genres than what I’m used to. Maybe some harder bass songs and some softer ones more indie pop. 

Gabriel: We’ll have much more music coming soon!

DaWave: Expect some new music for sure! We are gonna work together 100%!


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