Check Out These Two Christian Hip-Hop Artists!

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Recently I was asked to review two Christian Hip-Hop Artists. This is uncharted territory for myself as I don’t regularly listen to Hip-Hop. It does strike me as interesting though, as I grew up listening to a lot of Christian Artists.

Gramm Thomas has an album called Redash (The Rededication) that tells about his life experiences and turning his turmoils around.

“Because we’re in a bad environment doesn’t mean that you have to take on the mindset of that environment. I rap about a new found change I had from being in the streets. I got to see a lot of wrongs and see life from a lot of different sides. My own upbringing was crazy within itself so I have a lot to say in my music.”

I wouldn’t say Hip-Hop or Rap is something I regularly listen to. I was pleasantly surprised listening to the album. It was calming, and his voice didn’t sound dry, but full of life. It didn’t sound as if he was just talking- set to a track, which is what I generally hear when I listen to rap.

The best part is that it gives a fresh and unique perspective to his message. Here’s a man who lived on the streets, served time in jail and later turned his life around. He admits he was raised Christian but didn’t follow it since it felt forced. It’s amazing what happens when rock bottom comes around. When you finally ask God to reveal himself and He does.

If you’re looking for a fresh way to hear a positive message, or get others to give the message a chance, this would be a good route to peak interest.

You can listen to the rest of his album here

Mell Omii is another Christian Hip-Hop artist who currently has new music in the works. He spreads his message now through parables, good music as well as messages of life, hope, and education. All while standing firm to the motto “Don’t praise me, all glory goes to God when I write. 

Music that matters is really the core of what music should be about. Something you can listen to and it provides your with perspective, maybe a new way of seeing a situation you are also dealing with. Music is something that helps us feel connected to something else. It’s very honorable to see artists who do that for a living, especially in a genre that seems very worldy.

I think any young person would find themselves getting into the music without even realizing what it is they were listening to. The music brings you in, and then once you listen to the lyrics you don’t even realize you are listening to something you need to hear.

Take a listen to one of the tracks below and check out the full album here.

You can watch a video of the both of them below!