Zendaya and Chris Brown Drop “Something New”

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Zendaya is really making her name known as more than Disney Channel Star – she’s way past that. She has become a fashion icon for many women (and men) of all ages. Now that she has released this track with Chris Brown, she is taking over the world of music. Yes, she has done music in the past but this song in particular exudes maturity, from her vocals to the lyrics. The track is clean and filled with good vibes, one of those songs that makes you feel good. The direction she is headed may very well take her all over the radio since Chris Brown is featured! Chris Brown’s addition to the track is short and sweet, Zendaya really shines in the track. It’s a win win, there’s no way Zendaya could have released a better first track of 2016.

If you follow Zendaya on social media then you know she is heavily inspired by Aaliyah. She dances, sings, acts and isn’t afraid to let her fashion make a statement. Do you think that she is to this generation what Aaliyah was to hers?

One can only wait to see what this multi talented star has in store.