Mod Sun, MGK and Blackbear Join Forces for The “Shoot ’em Down” Music Video

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If you are familiar with Mod Sun you know that his music promotes love and peace through catchy tunes and vibrant visuals. For this specific song Mod Sun is joined by Blackbear and Machine Gun Kelly to bring to life the meaning of the track. The music video is rather movie like as it takes the visuals to the next level. MGK saves the day by arriving in a white horse just as Mod Sun is surrounded armed men aiming at him. The entire video has an old western feel with a modern appeal.

If you listen closely to the lyrics you can capture the message of unity between people whom decided to go against the norm. With lyrics like “The price of freedom ain’t free, So keep dreaming” it shows the world in a different light. This could be different for every person but it could very well be that the price paid for feeling free and doing things the unconventional way is people’s opinions – some negative and critical.

The entire third verse is a lesson that could be learned by many.

“Well I just believe
That actions define you
So let me remind you
The time to hesitate is already behind you
So I stay scratchin off my bucket-list
I’m in love with this, so unconditio
It’s no competitio, when it comes to this
It’s no compass, I go my own way
Rebel to the revelent, mind of an elephant
Never forget”

Watch the video below, enjoy Blackbear’s soothing voice, MGK’s rapping and of course Mod Sun’s message. Look really closely at every detail, from the tree with hanging boots (00:07) to the scenery throughout the entire video but specially at (02:16) as it is absolutely breathtaking.

Let us know your favorite part of the video and if you would like MGK, Mod Sun and Blackbear to collaborate again!