Amanda Watkins Releases New Single On Her Birthday!

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Amanda Watkins of formerly known Country Duo ‘Miss Willie Brown, has just released a brand new single on her birthday!! Watkins has been working solo now for the last few years and has been able to get some incredible gigs, like opening for Brad Paisley and Jamey Johnson!

She even has a song with the latter ‘If I Was Over You’ available on iTunes now.

She shared her new single with the following statement:

If anyone out there is feeling like giving up, quitting, missing someone, or not sure what life has to throw at you next then this song is for you!

“We Go On” We don’t quit, We don’t stop, WE GO ON!!

Her new single definitely has a mix of that ‘Old Country’ sound so many fans of the genre love, along with a catchy mix of harmonies and instruments that will leave the lyrics stuck in your head. The wonderful part about that is that the message is so uplifting, something many of us need in this day and age.

We’ve all hit a wall

That wall has hit us back

Left our eyes blue and black

But the darkest night can’t fight the dawn

We’ve all lost our way

We’ve all hit dead end roads

Carrying leaden loads

Just when you think all hope is gone

We go on

We go on

Through the heart of the storm we march on

We go on

We go on

From the day we are born

’til our souls are good and worn

We go on, woah oh oh oh

We go on, woah oh oh oh

We all miss someone

Gone for now or gone forever

Whatever kind of gone

We never break

No we stay strong

Listen to ‘We Go On’ on Spotify and then go download it on iTunes!

Happy Birthday Amanda!