13 Powerful Moments at Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour In Indianapolis

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  1. There’s a fountain on stage

    Yes you read that correctly, there is a real, working fountain on stage that Swift and the dancers dance in.

  1. Taylor breaking yet another record

Taylor broke the record for the Indianapolis Colt’s Lucas Oil Stadium for attendance record.


  1. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ snake in bracelet form

If you look closely during LWYMMD, you can see two snakes forming along the upper sections keeping with the tour’s theme.


  1. Seeing a child fall half asleep in her mother’s arms

If this wasn’t cute enough the little girl was reciting every lyric while eyes shut half asleep in her mother’s arms.


  1. Taylor Swift at a piano singing Long Live

“Long Live” deserves all of the GRAMMYs and awards for it’s true icon status and this moment was absolutely breathtaking.


  1. Singing her iconic line in “I Did Something Bad”

After singing “If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing” Taylor and her all female background vocalists paused and stared out into the crowd to thunderous screams.


  1. Taylor’s speeches

At multiple points in the night Taylor spoke to the audience about lyrics, fans, reputations, and general life knowledge. It feels more like a best friend talking to you when you need a good therapy session.


  1. Walking through a sea of fans

Taylor has always been close to her fans, metaphorically speaking and physically. She went from her first auxiliary stage to the second by walking through a sea of fans giving them high fives and hugs.


  1. Secret song

Indianapolis was graced with an acoustic rendition from her Fearless album, “Forever and Always”.


  1. Having a legitimate tilted stage

When you sing about something, your production must include it. Taylor legitimately titled on a sub-stage.


11.  Confetti

Not only once did confetti fall to the ground (see what I did there?) but TWICE during “Shake It Off” and “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”.


12.    Video Interludes

What is usually an excuse to change costumes, Swift made this moments to stun her fans visually and lyrically reading somewhat of a poem.


13. The moment Taylor explained the thirteen significance in Indiana

Taylor’s lucky number thirteen came in handy performing at her thirteenth time in Indiana headlining her first stadium in the state


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