Taylor Swift Breaks Attendance Record at Lucas Oil Stadium—Live Review

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For most, thirteen is an unlucky number, for Taylor Swift it’s her favorite and it brings her luck. Taylor Swift broke the attendance record at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN on Saturday night while it marking the thirteenth time she played in Indiana. You might be staring mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of Taylor Swift’s production at her Reputation Stadium Tour with screens, dancers, costumes, snakes, flying stages, pyro, fireworks, cryojets, etc. But the true takeaway is not only the relationship Swift has to her fans but the fans’ community they built. I can’t tell you how many fans I witnessed meeting for the first time after being friends online, screeching and running into hugs. The costumes and creativity the fans showcased make Swift’s show almost like a holiday for thousands of diehard fans. Swift also extends her relationship with fans to the internet almost daily “Taylurking”. When she’s not meeting fans both before and after the show, Swift even has inside jokes with the true hardcore Swiftie (Swift’s fanbase name they call themselves) fandom, the biggest of which being in her song “Delicate” where she mimes the words “1, 2, 3, Let’s Go B*tch” to which more of the half of the audience screamed along to.

Even if you’re not in the stadiums, fans both nationally and internationally have taken part in live shows via the online community they’ve created. Nightly, Swifties take to the internet to see which surprise acoustic song she will perform. To keep fans guessing, Swift performs an acoustic rendition of a past song of hers to the crowd.

There isn’t a moment where she stands still whether it be playing an instrument, dancing, running in the crowd, or flying over fans. She somehow incorporates the vast majority of her latest album while giving fans the nostalgia they crave with some of her older hits. Every single minute aspect of this tour is well detailed and planned out to benefit every fan’s experience making the connection Swift has to her fans even more apparent and real. Walking through fans is just another day and enjoyment for the superstar, the faces on the crowd were filled with smiles and happy tears trying to capture the attention of the woman whose music they fell in love with. Even though some artists have further secondary stages, Swift takes this to another level completely with two B-stages and two lifts which takes her across the stadium almost to eye level of the nosebleed seats.

Many people have strong opinions on this songstress positively or negatively, but one thing everyone can agree on is where all women in the crowd hear the words in “I Did Something Bad” “If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing” and then Taylor and her all female backup singers pause and stare into the crowd. Having an influence like Taylor on a youngster or adult is a force to be reckoned with. Here is a woman who is selling out stadiums and who is reminding women to take a stand and if someone does hurt you, you can fight back and you don’t owe them a damn thing.

Even though she’s selling out stadiums and still managing to meet her fans, have more of a person life, she’s not even hit her peak of full potential. This is just another stadium filled with tens of thousands of her adoring fans. With Swift’s never ending “eras” into new musical ventures, genres, and styles there is no end in sight. Fans are already ready for the next era to which Swift will adventure into and TS6 album.

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