10 Tunes to Dance to: FYF 2015

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Los Angeles is getting hotter and FYF fest is just around the corner!  The lineup for this years festival has some really great big name acts (Frank Ocean AND Morrissey??!?!) and while tickets for the single day pass are SOLD OUT, general admission passes for 2 days and VIP tickets are still available for purchase on their website. Last week we put up a playlist of some of the acts that will be performing this year and while we gave you guys some time to choose your favorite acts, we put together our TOP 10 DANCE TRACKS.


  1. Packshot – La Femme

La Femme is of course a French band that has a psychedelic feel that we’re all pumped to see live. Their first full length album Psycho Tropical Berlin was released in 2013 and even though these rockers are from France, they love the “California surf-rock” feel and used the influence to create their sounds.

  1. Never Win – DJ Dodger Stadium

Get ready for lots of closeness and grooving when you get ready to dance to anything that DJ Dodger Stadium mixes.  The whole crowd will be pumped and dancing to every one of their songs!


  1. Thinkin’ Bout You – Frank Ocean

You can’t pass up seeing Frank Ocean live, but he’s going to have a riot on his hands if he doesn’t release this new album that everyone is hyped up about! He is also supposed to be releasing a magazine along with this new album that was supposed to be released 7/20/2015 but we’re still waiting Frank!

  1. bodyache – Purity Ring

This duo from Canada will actually be touring some states in the U.S. after FYF Fest so make sure to check out their website in case you can’t make it to LA in time! Purity Ring just released a new album a few months ago called Another Eternity featuring the addicting song bodyache

  1. Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays

Another group from Canada, Alvvays has me attached to the song Archie, Marry Me. This band has only released one album (self titled) that rose to #1 on the US College Charts.  Alvvays is just feel good dreamy indie music with a catchy tune that you’ll love forever and alvvays.

  1. Class Historian – BRONCHO

When I first heard Class Historian, I put it on repeat because it was too good.  It’s the type of music that you can play at a chill party, but also the type of music that you can dance dorky to with your friends. Make sure to check out their album it put it on your next playlist!

  1. Video Girl – FKA Twigs

Everything about FKA Twigs is amazing. Her sense of style is at a point of “different” where it looks so good only she can pull it off because if you tried you’d definitely not look as good as her.  Her voice reminds me of a haunting Mariah Carey style hitting those high notes that give you chills.  We can’t wait to see a live performance from her!

  1. Waitress – Hop Along

I am always a fan of a band fronted by a girl, but especially girls who have rough vocals. The band JUST released a new album in May called Painted Shut which has the song Waitress that I’m absolutely in love with right now.  I would NOT miss seeing this band perform because I feel like they’re really going to put on a good rock show.

  1. Chinatown- Girlpool

Girlpool is my new favorite band.  I kept hearing their song Before the World Was Big on the radio and I kept telling people to shush while I heard the DJ say that it was by this band from LA called Girlpool.  The duo consists of two vocalists who play guitar and bass, no drums.  I also love the song Chinatown because their music sounds raw, there’s no need for over producing to complicate things. Find another person to make a pair for this song and slow dance it out. Amazing duo, but if they need a third, you know where to find me.

1. Everday is like Sunday – Morrissey

Okay, we all saw this one coming.  Of course everyone must dance to this tune for he does perform on Sunday, August 23rd.  Morrissey is a legend but he also has a reputation with his live performances.  While he has cancelled many performances in the past often for health issues, he has cancelled a show before due to the venue not being vegetarian for the night he performed.  I also read a review of a show he had recently where he called out a girl in the audience (the one who was writing the review) for being on her phone (she was taking notes on the performance) instead of watching the show.  Of course she was amazed that he made eye contact with her and that’s all that mattered, but I’m hoping that everyone at this show will be watching with their eyes instead of behind a phone! All of us have our fingers, toes, and eyes crossed hoping and praying that Morrissey has great health for this performance, we don’t want to miss this legendary artist perform!