Who You Should See at ROCK IN RIO USA 2015

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Rock in Rio is a festival that covers two weekends in May in Las Vegas!   Two huge weekends with amazing artists that  you will NOT want to miss.  This is who you should check out while you’re there.


First Weekend


No Doubt

You can never say you wouldn’t want to see No Doubt perform live.  The band is always leaning the right way and it’s just good jamming music, especially for an outdoor festival.  And Gwen Stefani is a living LEGEND.



As a Brazilian music group I had to look into this band a bit more and I’m so glad I did.  Mixed with traditional bossa nova and electronic music, Bossacucanova is uncontrollably danceable and fun.  If you’re like me and can’t dance, you won’t have a problem with these guys, the moves naturally come from your hips while vibing with these tunes.



One of musics most legendary rock groups is Metallica.  Fans from diapers to walkers (and possibly still diapers?) Metallica has brought rock and roll to every country and that is why they are such a great headliner for this festival.    With over 38 million likes on facebook,  9 grammy awards, and over 120 million albums sold worldwide, you’d be crazy if youdidn’t try to headbang to their set on May 9th


Second Weekend


Taylor Swift

I know.  There’s not much that I can say that will convince you to see T-Swift.  You already know you’re going to be front row shaking it off.  Taylor just released her album 1989 and even people who weren’t into Taylor were amazed by the album.  She really stepped up the music game with this new album and we’re all going to crazy for her performance.


Bruno Mars

I honestly did not get into Bruno Mars until I saw a live performance.  He can sing, he can dance, he can play instruments, he’s the whole package.  When you see Bruno Mars perform you’re not just going to a concert, you’re going for a show.  And not is it that he’s good at all the things he does, he also has a really good time performing and that good feeling is contagious.


Lisa Lottie

Stepping away from the music is a visual and physical art that I will never be able to perform.  Lisa Lottie is a professional hula hoop artist that combines dance, contortion moves, and style to her performance and you really don’t want to miss it.  Look her up on youtube RIGHT NOW, your jaw will drop.

Many performers have not even been released yet so make sure to keep checking out for new artists to be added to the lineup!  There is going to be so many things to do those two weekends so make sure you buy your tickets early so you don’t miss out.