Tinder at Taylor Swift!

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Obviously everyone wants to find love. Tinder may not be the best way to go about it, but I’d figure I would try. I had one thing in mind while downloading the app Tinder for the first time: Must. Love. Taylor Swift. So, where exactly should I use Tinder first? At a T Swizzle concert of course!

Of course, you must be connected, and it’s not easy finding that at a concert of Tay’s size. The wifi was horrible, and the data bandwidth was low because of the sold out crowd (I bet everyone was on social media, and here I am trying to find my soulmate lost in the crowd).

Creating my bio with the basic info was easy; Cheerleading, rock climbing, working in the music industry. And, of course “Must Love Taylor Swift”.  I didn’t realize Tinder picks the photos for you from Facebook but I went with it.   It took forever to load.

First couple people I find look like normal guys, then after ten swipes I see Taylor shirts and men with Taylor. I found 7 people in Taylor shirts and four people in pictures with Miss. Taylor. Obviously I swiped right for all of them. I did make three new friends that are total Swifties. Did I find a soulmate? Maybe one of the other four when they reply will be, if not I will still be on the hunt, must love T.S. Definitely be Tindering at a future Taylor concert to make more friends. Honestly there should be a Taylor Swift app to find friends that adore her and a for Swifties. Okay keeping Tinder for another day to see if these other prospects are cool guys. Taylor- HELP ME FIND A BOYFRIEND! Can she be a matchmaker?


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