Ryan Adams announces Taylor Swift 1989 covers Album Release Date

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I know a lot of you are tired of hearing about Taylor Swift, her never ending list of “besties” and how she basically is running the music world. However I am not, so I refuse to apologize for it. MOVING ON

Today Ryan Adams, a world renowned producer, musican, songwriter etc, announced the release date for his Taylor Swift 1989 cover album. Of course Taylor went to social media to post and is non-stop gushing about it (as she should be, I mean come on what an honor).

Coming  Monday Spemtember 21. You’ll be able to experience the 1989 album in a whole new light! If you want a little preview go ahead and pre-order the album tonight on iTunes at Midnight and you’ll own “Bad Blood” right away. To get a little preview of it, or to play it on repeat like I currently am. Check out this link to the Beats1 Apple Music Page

Also here’s the album artwork if you aren’t freaking out enough as it is.