The Story Behind: ‘Near Mrs.’ By LANCO: VIDEO

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LANCO debuted their incredibly clever tune “Near Mrs.” The song has quickly become a fan favorite, but just how did the song come about?

‘Near Mrs.’ Inspiration

The new anthem was written by Brandon Lancaster, Shane McAnally and Jeremy SpillmanThe trio all used their past relationships as inspiration for the lyrics.

“The inspiration behind ‘Near Mrs.’ you know, started as just looking at the different relationships that you’ve been in that you thought were the one. Thought it was going to work out and then it ended up not,” Brandon Lancaster explained. “But then, being able to appreciate where you came from because ultimately it led you to where you are. And, whether it’s that special person or if it’s something else in life- an opportunity or whatever it is kinda being thankful for what you have now and looking at where you came from.”

“To take last year and turn it into something liberating…it was huge and led to a year of rediscovery for us,” Lancaster added. “Especially for me as a storyteller…it’s like, ‘Who is the guy behind ‘Greatest Love Story’ and ‘Born To Love You?’ It’s almost like you can’t move forward until you go back to tell that part of the story.”