The Story Behind ‘Antsy’ By UPSAHL

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Taylor Upsahl had a BIG year. After releasing her EP Young Life Crisis in 2020, and her debut album Lady Jesus the following year, the songwriter went on to promote it on tour with the likes of K. Flay, YUNGBLUD and most recently FLETCHER.

Earlier this year, UPSAHL released a first single, “Monica Lewinsky,” which quickly amassed attention on all social media platforms. Now UPSAHL is back with a new banger, “Antsy.” She shares all about the new track, which is only the first glimpse into the singer’s upcoming EP due later this year.

“At the beginning of this year, I was feeling like I wanted something to change, but I didn’t necessarily know what or how. When I was in between the K. Flay and Yungblud tours, I was so ready to jump back into the studio and start writing again, but starting fresh coming out of an album was intimidating as f*ck. So I got back from tour on a Monday and put my a*s on a plane to Nashville on a Tuesday. Nashville is a place where I have my songwriting “come to Jesus” moments (no pun intended haha), so I figured there was no better place to start working on my next project. I went into my first session and apologized to everyone saying “Sorry in advance, my brain is a little all over the place right now so bear with me. Been feeling a little antsy.” And naturally, they said, “Well what are you feeling antsy about?” And within hours, “Antsy” was born. This song is deeply personal for me in the sense that I’m literally exposing all the things I want to change about myself. I know that everyone will find something they relate to in the song. At the end of the day, Antsy is about change. Craving change, needing change, trying to change, failing to change, and everything in between. No matter who you are or what you do, we all get Antsy. So here’s Antsy, a piece of me, for you.”

“Antsy is a song for anyone who feels like they want to make a change in their life, but don’t know how to. It’s that moment when you realize you’ve had enough of whatever bad sh*t has been going on and you need to switch it up and start fresh. It could literally be anything from relationships to health to the internet to school to work, etc. Whatever it is that makes you antsy, we’ve all been there.”

“Antsy” arrives just in time for UPSAHL’s fall tour, which will kick off this Thursday, September 29th in Santa Ana, CA, and make its way through over thirty cities across North America, Australia and Europe for the rest of the year.


Written by: Taylor Upsahl, Laura Veltz, Sam Ellis

Produced by: Pete Nappi

Label: Arista Records

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