The Matches Talk Vinyl, Reunion Shows and More!

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After 5 years of taking a break, Oakland band The Matches decided to play one reunion show for the 10th anniversary of their first record, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals. When that show sold out in less than three minutes, one show turned into three. When those shows sold out in the same amount of time, they decided on an entire tour. When those shows sold out, Australia. In case you can’t tell, they’ve kind of been missed.

The moment they took the stage in Chicago, each member looked out into the crowd with the same look – awe. Genuine, complete astonishment was plastered on each of their faces. It took a few minutes for them to realize it was time to start their set, but once they did it was as if they never took a break.

Before the show, in between sets, after the show – they were wandering around the venue talking to each person, taking photos, signing merch, etc. Humble doesn’t even begin to cover it with this band.

In addition to their reunion shows, a Kickstarter has been created in their honor by Chelsea Christer. Titled “Bleeding Audio: A Doc About The Matches & The Music Industry”, the documentary is not just about the band but for “fans of music, fans of working hard, fans of trying to achieve your dreams.” All information on the project can be found here.

Gina caught up with lead singer Shawn Harris in between sound check and meet and greet to talk about playing as a band again and other projects!


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