Band To Watch Out For: Florida Georgia Line

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Two consecutive sold out nights in Chicago for CMT’s tour.  The duo from Florida and Georgia were up first, with a smell of beer and chanting filling the air the duo took the stage.  What can I say? I fell in love with Cruise along with the men.  I couldn’t even reach the photo pit with the amount of people pushing and shoving to get closer to the guys and the barricade.  I can’t express how much love from the crowd they were getting, something you usually don’t see for an opening band. Phones and cameras blocked my view for most of the time but just seeing their heads bouncing up and down singing with their country twang was enough for me.

Going into the concert I knew two of their songs I could sing to you backwards and none of their new CD (which didn’t drop yet.)   I couldn’t believe how catchy the songs were and how fast I was picking them up and singing along with them. “Get Your Shine On” was my new favorite of theirs.  They did one of their older songs “It’z Just What We Do” during which a few girls jumping on each other’s backs bouncing  up and down with the beat. During their last song Cruise, I honestly at points couldn’t hear them because the crowd was singing along so loudly.

I got to interview the guys after their set their tour manager was one of the nicest I’ve encountered (shout out to Mike!) he brought us back to interview them the guys and played escort for the night.  When I met Brian and Tyler they were as sweet as can be right off the bat.  They asked how we enjoyed the set, asked a little bit about us and our website.  They were extremely relaxed and great guys to talk to and get to know.  They even talked about next time teaching me gangam style as they danced to it on the American Music Awards, fellas I’m still holding you to that!   During Jake Owen’s set the guys returned to sing Cruise/Summer Jam with Jake, it was a smash with the entire crowd singing along and screaming for more.  I would HIGHLY recommend going to see these guys live I’m sure that you will have a great time and find a new favorite band like I did.  Be sure to check out for tour dates!

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