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Tenth Avenue North Cathedrals (Deluxe Version) Album Review

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So I’m going to start off this review by being completely honest, I had no idea who this band was

when I was given their CD to review. After doing a little digging I found out that they are this pretty

enthusiastic and emotional rock band who originally met in West Palm Beach, Florida. They’ve been

putting out music since 2008 and their group has grown to include 5 members, Jeff, Jason, Mike, Ruben

and Brendon. All coming from some sort of church background these guys really wanted to make some

truthful music that cuts right to the heart. After giving their new album a listen I think they’ve done just


Now I’m not a huge “rock” music fan, however I can recognize some good music when I hear it. Right

when I heard the first track I liked what I was hearing. Tenth Avenue North reminds me of past bands

like Switchfoot, Hoobastank and Angels & Airwaves. All these bands are heavy on the electric guitars,

bass and drums but have a lead singer who can really belt with a nice soft touch. One thing I really like

about the feel of this album is that it isn’t too “preachy”. As I was listening to the music in my office a

lot of my cubicle neighbors were totally jamming right along with the band to tracks like “No Man Is An

Island” and “Cathedrals”. Absolutely no one would have guessed that these guys were a Christian Rock

band, which I think is something that sets them apart.

Besides the catchy hooks and good vibes you feel from just listening to the music. The real amazement

comes from hearing the lyrics and amazing vocals. A lot of music now a day is pretty filthy, now don’t

get me wrong I love me some Katy Perry or Iggy Azalea. Yet every song on this album was nothing short

of uplifting and put me in an incredibly great mood or made me stop and think. (Which is a lot noticing

that I’m sitting in a cubicle from 8-6) The topics we’re raw and you could feel the emotions oozing out of

the speakers and into your brain.

Tenth Avenue North also does a great job with mixing up their style from one song to the next, so the

album is kind of like a jambalaya of Rock. One track your jumping up and down screaming along to the

lyrics and the next your laying on the floor just staring at the ceiling listening to the words. I would be

lying if I said I didn’t want to pop this CD in my car and just drive for the next few hours.

While I don’t know much about this band and their past music success, I without a doubt know that this

album is one of the better ones I’ve listened to lately. They are definitely turning a page in the book of

common pop rock music. Following a familiar yet unconventional sound Tenth Avenue North presents

its fans and new found listeners alike with a musical experience I haven’t had in a few years. A+ guys!